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Applications of building mortar

Jan 03, 2017

Xutai cellulose ether inside makes mortar application easier.

For building mortar manufactured by factory, its performance requirements depend on its application function demand, supply form, construction method and habit, application condition as well as social economic costs etc.

According to their component and function, building mortar products can be categorized as follow:

Inerface bonding agent                                                 Skim coat for interior and exterior wall

Repairing mortar                                                             Light weight thermal insulation mortar

Waterproofing mortar                                                    Adhesive and base coat for thermal insulation systerm

Cement-based plastering mortar                                Decorative render

Ceramic tile adhesive and grout                                 Flowing mortar

Gypsum-based plastering mortar                              Cement products by extrusion process

Gypsum board joint filler                                               Other special mortar or concrete

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