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Best price for calcium formate

Nov 28, 2016

We can supply the calcium formate powder for construction use, which is 80% min high stable quality.

1.Chemical and Physical Properties: 

CAS NO.544-17-2
EINECS NO.208-863-7
Appearancethe white crystal or powder
Purity 98% min  high stable quality
Packing25kgs bag/1000kgs bag


1. Feed addtitives. It can stimulation animals appetite and reduce the rate of diarrhea. After animal be weaned, add 1.5% calcium formate in feed, which can improve animal growth rate more than 12%.

2. Construction. Calcium formate can be used as acceleration concreting for cement and dry-mix system in winter. It can accelerate the cement hardening rate, shorten the coagulation time, especially in the winter construction, to avoid condensation at low temperatures

3. Additives for explore the petroleum and natural gas.

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