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Best selling for re-dispersible emulsion powder

Dec 05, 2016

Re-dispersible emulsion powder is the powder form of a special emulsion after spraying and drying. It’s also called dry powder glue. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion, the same with the original emulsion. The membrane will form after the moisture is evaporated; this kind of membrane possesses high flexibility, good climate resistance and high adhesive to various substrates.

Re-dispersible emulsion powder can be widely used in building construction, such as exterior wall of heat preservation and isolation, gluing tiles, interface treatment,  gypsum, sticking gypsum, interior and exterior wall putty, and decorating mortar etc. It’s nonpoisonous, environmentally protective, and convenient for transportation as well.

Re-dispersible emulsion powder improves the adhesion, bend resistance, construction resistance, abrasion resistance and endurance of construction material greatly.

Physical and Chemical Properties   Type 312

Appearance                         White powder, freely flow
Solid content                                      ≥98.0%
Ash content                                        10±2%
Stacking density (g/l)                         300~500
Average particle diameter (µ m)           Approx. 80
Viscidity of 50% water solution ( pa s)   ≤10.0
PH value                                               5~8
Lowest membrane-forming temperature    10°C

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