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cellulose ether supply

Jan 11, 2017

Xutai Cellulose ether, quality assurance!

Safety is always the priority , and safety is our commitment to our customers. Cellulose series products are all dangerous products. To make sure the safety, cellulose is produced under strict control to make sure every quality index in safety range, and we also run a full wastewater treatment system, to keep a green world for next generation. we can provide detail MSDS of all Cellulose products, please contact our account manager or visit our website for more informtaion., or send the email to us by sales1@xutai1998.com.

Quality Control

Xutai controls quality from raw materials to finish products. Start from the raw materials, we pick the cotton linter and solvents carefully, during the production, we control the setting in production procedure, and after the cargo produced, we will do multiple lab tests to make sure the quality good then pack the cargo into standard packaging. with all those works. we make our products very good performance in various areas, from paint to nail polish.