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Cigarette glue PVA

Nov 22, 2016

We produce the cigarette glue , which is water based glue, suitable for cigarette filter tipping, fast seeting and high adhesive strength.


Milky white, semi viscous fluid.

Product Performance

It is white emulsion which can dissolve in water, innocuous and flavourless, non-corrosive and non-contaminative. Meanwhile, it presses strong sticking and connecting ability as well as pellicle-making ability, which can be dried in normal temperature with, agglutinate side soft, anti-impact and anti-aging, excellent characteristic. 



The product is applied to aspects in furniture manufacturing, wood processing, construction decoration, leather, weave trimming, dope foundation latex, paper box making, press binding, paper plastic-coating and compounding, cigarette manufacturing, pencil, label etc.


Keep container tightly closed and dry where the temperature is below 40℃ and the storage life is one year.

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