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Exporting Re-dispersible emulsion powder to Dubai

Dec 13, 2016

We Xutai joined the Dubai coating show in March, and met a lot of customers during the exhibition, Our goods are popular in UAE market, it earned good reputation and wild market.

Below is the parameters of type 312

Appearance White powder, flow freely

Stabilizing system Polyvinyl alcohol

Additive agent Mineral Anti-block agent

Product Technical Data

Item Unit Value

Solids content ≥98.0%

Ash content (1000℃) 12±2

Bulk density g/l 450-550

Average particle size μm 80~100

PH value — 6.0-8.0

MFFT(℃) approx ℃ 3

Tg (℃) approx ℃ +10

Our type 312 and 313 are accepted by lots of customers in Dubai, they are satisfied with the quality and price, if you are interested in our goods, please feel free to send the email to us, our email box is sales1@xutai1998.com.