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Provide Re-dispersible emulsion powder waterproof application

Nov 17, 2016

We designed the new types of Re-dispersible emulsion powder to meet our customer requirements.One of our customers from Italy are satisfied with our samples of new types, which can equivalent to higher grade of Wacker and other famous types. These types developed for mono-component water proof membrane. Below is the parameters of our new type:

Appearance White powder, waterproof application,increase the flexibility of mortar and hydrophobicity

Stabilizing system Polyvinyl alcohol

Additive agent Mineral Anti-block agent

Product Technical Data

Item Unit Value

Solids content 98%

Ash content (1000℃) 10±2

Bulk density g/l 350~550

Average particle size μm 80~100

PH value — 6.0-8.0

MFFT(℃) approx ℃ 0

Tg (℃) approx ℃ -13--17

Below photos are exported to Italy for the new types. If you  have interested in, please feel free to send the email to us sales1@xutai1998.com.Free samples are available for you at any time.