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Re-dispersible emulsion powder manufacture

Nov 16, 2016

We are the manufacture to produce the Re-dispersible emulsion powder with the competitive price and high quality. Our type 313 for wall putty, skim coat and plaster is popular in foreign country. It can improve the flexibilty of the mortar.

The type 313 re-dispersible emulsion powder of terpolymer copolymerized with VAC/VeoVa/E.It is the powder formed after spraying and drying. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion. Its chemical properties are the same as original emulsion completely. It has good adhesive strength, excellent resistance to alkaline water, weather resistance, freezing-thawing resistance and excellent flexibility in the low temperature.

Below photos are exported to Russia last week. If you  have interested in, please feel free to send the email to us sales1@xutai1998.com. Free samples are available for you at any time.