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Re-dispersible emulsion powder supply in China coating show next week

Nov 23, 2016

We are the esteemed manufacture to supply the Re-dispersible emulsion powder with the competitive price and good quality.

We will join the China coat exibition in Guangzhou during Non 30 to Dec. 2.  Welcome to visit our booth, or contact us by email sales1@xutai1998.com

RDP is a copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene. It is dispersible in water and has good saponfication resistance, such as cement ,anhydrite, gypsum plaster and hydrated lime for the manufacture of structural adhesives, flooring compounds, wall troweling compounds, joint mortars, plasters, RDP is exhibit improved adhesion, flexural strength in bending, deformability, abrasion resistance and are easier to process. Leveling, thixotropy and water retention are essentially unaffected.

We export to foreign country every month, please check the photo below.