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Re-dispersible emulsion powder supply with ISO certficates

Jan 19, 2017

Xutai Re-dispersible emulsion powder supply with competitive price and best quality!

Xutai Re-dispersible emulsion powder have the below application:

  1. Interface mortar

  2. Building and plastering mortar

  3. Repairing mortar

  4. Interface mortar

  5. Heat-preserving and heat-insulation series interior and exterior wall

  6. Ceramic tile renovation and wall putty

  7. Cenent base waterproof mortar

  8. Ceramic tile bonding adhesive and ceramic tile pointing agents

  9. Ceramic tile renovation

  10. Self-leveling flooring compound

Re-dispersible emulsion powder can be used in above applications, if you have these requirements, please send the email to us by email address sales1@xutai1998.com, we are available for you at any time!