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Supply best quality Re-dispersible emulsion powder

Dec 12, 2016

We Xutai company are the manufacture for Re-dispersible emulsion powder. Our company has ISO 9001 quality control system certification. Our large customer need the high quality for RDP of hydrafibic property, we reach new type 710 to meet their requirements. The parameters are as below:

Appearance White powder

Stabilizing system Polyvinyl alcohol

Additive agent Mineral Anti-block agent

Product Technical Data

Item Unit Value

Solids content 98%

Ash content (1000℃) 10±2

Bulk density g/l 350~550

Average particle size μm 80~100

PH value — 6.0-8.0

MFFT(℃) approx ℃ 0

Tg (℃) approx ℃ -13--17

We have earned high reputation in the world market and are receiving more and more orders from domestic and abroad, we have establish international business relationship successfully with more than 12 countries in the world.If you are interested in our products, please send the email to us, we are glad to quote the price to you for your reference. Our email box is sales1@xutai1998.com.