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Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 04, 2019

"When the Dragon Boat Festival is self-speaking, the rumor is the Qu Yuan", the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival that embodies the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, deep and long. At this time, the children will wear colorful lines on their arms, bring a beautiful sachet, and go with their parents. For the people in the north, the Dragon Boat Festival is a good time to go green. At this time, the orchard, the grass, the roadside, the fields are full of vitality, the green of the eyes, the green of the mountains and the mountains, adding color to the festival. Throughout the ages, there has been a custom of “clearing the willows and cutting the dragons in the Dragon Boat Festival”, and people can’t help but be enchanted by the joys of the mountains and rivers.


"When the leaves are fragrant, the world is full of joy."

Baozizi is also to commemorate Qu Yuan, and it also has irreplaceable commemorative significance. The scorpion itself is made of glutinous rice or glutinous rice, and then wrapped in a circle with reed leaves, even if it is finished. Of course, there are all kinds of scorpions, and different regions will pack different scorpions. Although the shapes are different, they all have one thing in common, that is, they are very sweet and delicious. Although the flavors are very different, they all rely on the people to miss the great man of Qu Yuan.


"Sports dragon boat flag dance, shadows break thousands of waves, shouts, gongs, drums, drums, try to see the number of heroes"

The dragon boat race was passed down by Qu Yuan, who died and died in Luojiang. Today, in the 21st century, the dragon boat is no longer simply held to commemorate Qu Yuan. It has evolved into a movement that is the most passionate and fully reflects the spirit of the Chinese nation's hard work and hard work. The commemorative sport of the dragon boat not only broke through the boundaries of time and region, but also became an international event and gained new development.


At the Dragon Boat Festival, there is also the habit of hanging Ai Ye and Iris: At the Dragon Boat Festival, every family is made of Acacia, Ai Ye, Liu Hua, Garlic, and Dragon Boat Flowers. Hang Ai Ye in the hall, cut it into a tiger shape or cut the color into a tiger, stick it with Ai Ye, and the woman will wear it to fight. Use the calamus as a sword, insert it at the threshold, and have the effect of exorcism.

“A touch of smog and faint smog, a faint moon on the west floor, a touch of fish swimming in the water, a faint butterfly drop hydrangea, a touch of blush faint wine, a touch of wine faint, faint missed gifts and friends.” Holding a hand to sit around a table feel The taste of the Dragon Boat Festival, the taste of the festival.