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Customers Visit Our Factory

Jul 11, 2019

   On July 9, 2019, Two customers from Poland came to our factory for on-the-spot visits. Quality products and professional technical services, excellent equipment and good industry development prospects were the main reasons for attracting this customer visit.

   Mr. Xu, general manager of the company, and the manager of the foreign trade business and the head of the factory production department, the technical supervisors warmly welcome Polish customers.

   Customers visited the predispersible emulsion powder and cigarette adhesive workshops, laboratories, application walls, and raw materials and finished goods warehouses. During the visit, Mr. Xu and our company accompanied the staff to give detailed instructions to the customers and professional answers to questions from the customers.

   Customers are very interested in our best-selling VAE (re-dispersible polymer powder) and put forward disscussion details such as test VAE samples. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation and hoped to achieve win-win and common development in future projects.

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