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Based on the consistent principle of “purity, stability, environmental”, our company strictly control the production process, strictly enforce the National Standard, Industry Standard and Company Standard. We implement total quality control, material, semi-finished products, finished products can be traced. We use natural plant fibers as main material, finished products are white powder and granule, tasteless, odorless, no-toxic. Pb, Fe, As and other heavy metal, total bacterial count meet National Food Additives Standards.

The company invested heavily to set up R&D center that composed of several professional and technical personnel who have more than 20 years’ experience in this field , and equipped with BROOKFIELD® series viscometer, whiteness meter, automatic potential titrator, acidity meter, hot rolling furnace, filtration apparatus, six-speed viscometer and other professional equipment as a guarantee of developing forward-looking products and providing a full range of services to clients, to ensure that customers using the product could achieve the best effect, 100 percent customer satisfaction.