Mortar Additives For Adhesion,Polymer Additive For Mortar

Mortar Additives for Adhesion,Polymer Additive for Mortar Terpolymer Emulsion powder: VAC/VeoVa/E Exterior wall plaster mortar,Tile grouts Good adhesive strength,excellent resisitance to alkaline water Weather resisitance,freezing-thawing resistance excellent flexibility

Product Details

Mortar Additives for Adhesion,Polymer Additive for Mortar


1.Production introduction 

#215 is a free-flowing,white powder obtained by spray drying of high-polymer emulsion,it has a good redispersible ability and  can be emulsified into stable polymer-emulsion again when mixed with water;its chemical property is exactly same as the initial emulsion.

2. Product Parameter

Polymer CompositionVAC/VeoVa/E
AppearanceWhite Powder
Stacking density  (kg/m3)500±50
Non volatile matter content≥98.0%
Ash content (%)11±2
Fineness (80μm)   ≤10.0 
PH Value6~8
50% with water Viscosity0.5~2.0
MFFT (℃)0±2

3. Features

     3-1. Soft emulsion powder,dispersed in water to increase the adhesion between mortar and its substrates and improve the mechanic property and construction of mortar.

    3-2. It can improve the mortar mechanical properties of mortar,adhesion/adhesiveness,breaking strength,plasticity,wear-resisting performance and constructability of mortar,and it has more strong flexibility in flexibility anti-crack mortar.



Usually in 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags with labels according to requirement.

4.jpgPolymer powder1


Stored in a dry and cool place.High humidity and temperature will increase the risk of caking.Do not stack pallets on top of each other to avoid compaction.

6.Valid period

360 days. Exceeding valid period,if the products have not lumped and can still be used.

8. Safety Notice

The above data is in accordance with our knowledge,but don't absolve the clients carefully checking,it all immediately on receipt.To avoid the different formulation and different raw materials,please do more testing before using it.We reserve the right to alter our product and withour informing in advance.