Polymer Powder,Cement adhesive for Construction Industry with high quality

Redispersible emulsion powder
Item Code:Copolymer: VAC/E
Price:$1.7-2.0/KG,FOB TIANJIN
High quality additive of building material with ISO9000 Certification
Country of Origin: China
Exterior Wall Adhesive Mortar
Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Interface Agent,Waterproof mortar
Decorative mortar
Wearable level ground mortar
Self-flowing level ground mortar

Product Details

Polymer powder for adhesive supply in china


 Copolymer: VAC/E 


1.Production introduction of re-dispersible emulsion powder copolymer


 Re-dispersible emulsion powder copolymerized with VAC/E formed after spraying and drying. It dissolved in water easily and rapidly forms emulsion. It keep the chemical properties the same as original emulsion.


2. Product Parameter

Polymer   CompositionVAC/EVAC/EVAC/E
AppearanceWhite PowderWhite PowderWhite Powder
Stacking   density  (kg/m3)500±50500±50500±50
Non volatile   matter content≥98.0%≥98.0%≥98.0% 
Ash content   (%)13±211±210±2
Fineness   (80μm)
PH Value6~86~86~8
50% with water   Viscosity0.5~2.00.5~2.01.0~2.0 
MFFT  ()3±20±2-3±2
Applications(suggested)    Binding mortar for  outer wall
    binder of ceramic brick
    dry powder interface agent
    self-flowing level ground mortar


3. Features

3-1. Improved flexbility.

3-2. Soft emulsion powder.

3-3. Improved water retention capability and open time 



* External Thermal Insulation System (EIFS)

* Cement Tile Additives

* Skim coating/Wall putty/Render

* Grouts/Fillers


In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags,also can be as customers'requirement.



Store it in a cool,dry place below 30℃,high humidity and temperature will increase the risk of caking.

7.Valid period

360 days. Exceeding valid period,if the products have not lumped and can still be used.


Xutai Technology is an ISO9001 certified company specialized in providing Polymer Powder,Cement adhesive for Construction Industry with high quality with good price and excellent service for customers. This building materials addictive can be used in concrete, waterproof mortar, and construction use. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of these chemicals with MSDS in China, we warmly welcome you to buy our high quality products with a wide field of application.

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